Clay Hutson, the Live Entertainment Guru.

Climbing up the ladder

Clayton Hutson has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the live entertainment production scene. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Design from Central Michigan University. His interest in working in the live entertainment sector was birthed early. He went to Stephen M. Ross School of Business for his Master’s degree in Business Administration. After college, the audio engineer took up jobs in various live entertainment companies. It is during this time that he honed his skill and gained experience. He also worked in corporate entertainment and for a while, worked with renowned televangelist, Billy Graham, in his travels. After the big recession, the company Hutson worked for started struggling thus pushing him to consider working elsewhere. This drove Clay to establish his own live entertainment production company in Nashville. He found his niche in Rock’n’Roll and has since been doing incredibly well.

Hutson’s Tours

Hutson has produced a great number of live tours which he has managed and designed. His client list is filled with the day’s superstars, among them being Guns’n’Roses, Pink and earlier this year he worked with Kid Rock on his American tour. Back in 2005, he was instrumental in Garbage’s ‘Bleed Like Me’ tour across Europe, Asia, and North American continents. In the months of July leading up to September of 2017, he was behind the operation of the automatic rigging system of the Honda Civic Tour for One Republic in North America and Asia where the tour went.

Excellence demands professionalism

Clayton’s work ethic is what ensures everything in the company runs well. He is industrious and keen on details. Checking and rechecking every detail to make sure nothing is out of place saves him the embarrassment of equipment not working. He is dedicated and always punctual to venues. Doing a great job guarantees client satisfaction and opens doors for future partnership with them and a great recommendation from them. This leads to getting more clients that seek the services he offers. Personally, Hutson is not intrigued by the huge video screen walls at concerts. He prefers the entertainment to come from the performance on stage. Clay Hutson will go in history books as one of the Greats in the music industry.

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