Matt Badiali: Copper and the Market

Copper has captured a huge demand in the market place and shows that it has seriously exceeded its current supply. Matt Badiali, a financial expert and no stranger to informing investors of the latest trends, says the copper market is basically “out of whack,” to put it bluntly. There are projections that clearly show the new supply hitting 1.8 million metric tons by the year 2027. This is coming directly from Teck Resources in their overall review. Matt Badiali has often prepared and advised investors on the market and many rely on his expert advice. He has always taken the time to give incisive and qualified information allowing investors to make sound decisions regarding their goals.

As for the copper slump, Badilai says it’s the market’s response to investor emotions. He has stated that the Bloomberg report has shown delays in a Grasberg copper mine construction. He says this has worsened the situation overall. Badilai routinely gathers research and comes out with reliable data. He’s known for his astonishing record of selling targeted reports to many top investors throughout the world. He often feels the pain when investors see an commodity drop 50 percent or more. This can force a copper business into bankruptcy when they are small or even mid-sized.

Matt Badiali does sees a uptick in the interest of electrical power projects and copper having some potential. He has turned his attention to the solar and wind projects that continue to pull his attention. Badiali says this certainly is the next big thing investors should take seriously. Focusing on the copper mines can be a big opportunity for investors to consider. In addition to that, Badiali shares that China’s electric power industry is grown substantially in the last five years. This alone has pushed the demand for copper at nearly 50 percent. Matt Badiali says a bull market is certainly coming and investors should embrace it. He puts his experience at work when gathering the knowledge needed to make such predictions. His background is a bachelor of science degree from Penn State and a concentration in geology from Florida Atlantic University.


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