Portland Trailblazers and the NeuroCore Experiment

NeuroCore is always looking to help anyone improve their brain’s performance. The Portland Trailblazers were their target, and it garnered much participation and success. Having a famous basketball team lead the way in taking care of their overall health says a lot about them. They wanted to have better concentration and NeuroCore provided everything to make sure they got it. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

After everything game and for about 30 minutes, the players would strap on the NeuroCore Pro to their heads and watch DVDs. The purpose of the experiments was to train the brain to stay focused. If it started to wander off then the movie would simply stop. The player’s brainwaves and other electrical components of their minds were monitored. The main focus was to get the brain to calm down after rigorous activity and to help improve things in the area of sleep. Of course, no one was to go to sleep while using the machinery. However, you could train the brain to focus on sleep, you could do it without needing sleep aids and other medications. This experiment was also helpful in improving the overall functions of the body’s systems. This helped the players focus more on the basketball court and play better. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

NeuroCore was founded by a need to help people with mental disabilities such as ADHD and depression. Patients would come in and do sessions where they would train their brain to focus and as a result, would have symptoms of the mental disorders minimized. This led to overall improvement in day to day activities and no medications were needed. If the clients come in on a regular basis for the therapy, then it would be a success. They would feel better about themselves as a result of the treatments. That is, of course, NeuroCore’s aim.

There are electrical components in the brain that may not be functioning properly that is causing the disorders to happen, and the therapy helps to get that back in line. If anyone is looking to get this done, NeuroCore has offices everywhere. You can get help right now.

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