A Party Like No Other: Big Pimping Juan “OG” Perez

For many, the President’s Day Weekend (February 2018) was a typical weekend. As guys went about their usual routines, one man made headlines. Up to that day, Juan ‘OG’ Perez was an unknown Roc Nation executive. Roc Nation is Jay-Z’s company, and OG Juan is a close friend of the Carter family.The President’s Day Weekend was also OG Juan’s 50th Birthday Weekend. The Roc Nation crew decided to celebrate by drinking and dining in New York City. By the end of the night, bar receipts and tabs from the party had gone viral. Since Mr. Shawn Carter himself, was part of the crew, everyone thought that he was the one footing the bill.

Setting the Record Straight

That weekend night, OG Juan birthday crew started by spending $13,000 in Midtown’s Zuma for dinner. They would later splurge $9,000 at Inwood’s Made in Mexico. To cap up the night, the crew, which had since dissipated to 6 members, purchased 40 Ace of Spades Champagne at NYC’s Playroom. Mind you, the owner of the luxury Champaign brand is Jay-Z.The spending spree ended with an $11, 000 tip for their server at Playroom. He was the one who posted pictures of the total bill to Snapchat, making it go viral. Jay-Z would later set the record straight in the song “Top Off” released by DJ Khaled on 2nd March. Referencing the big bash, Jay-Z said it was OG Juan’s bill.

OG Juan and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and OG Juan met back in the ‘90s. Their relationship started with a partnership in music, collaborating to run different studios/ record labels. In 2005, OG Juan would become Roc-La-Familia’s President, a record label founded by Jay-Z. This label focused on working with an international artists who included those of Latin hip-hop, pop, rock, reggae, and more.OG Juan and Jay-Z have partnered to open lounges and sports bars all over NYC. They also have interests in the hospitality industry. Without a doubt, both the Carter and Perez families are vital cogs of the Roc Nation Family.

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