Talos Energy Production of Oil and Gas

Talos Energy which is also known as Stone energy is an oil and gas producing company which has been in business since January 1st, 2012. It has its headquarters located at Houston in Texas. Some of the most important people who have led to the success of the company include John A. Parker, John L. Harrison, Stephen E. Heitzman, and Timothy Duncan. Their exemplary leadership skills, dedication and focus to achieve the goals of the company are what has made Talos Energy become very successful and known worldwide.

The company has contributed to the eradication of joblessness in the community where it has provided job opportunities to 250 employees. The management team is a very experienced one in offshore exploration and production. The company has been successful in acquiring assets from the Gulf of Mexico. It has employed creativity which has come in handy in developing various ways of exploiting and maximizing profits from the assets. Talos Energy also uses seismic cutting edge technology which works by delivering seismic waves to the ocean floor where the waves locate areas in the sedimentary rocks and locate the oil.

It has been successful in the activities that it has involved itself in and has kept a good record of positive results since it was founded. This has greatly added to the company’s prolific reputation. The oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico started in May 21st where Talos Energy collaborated with Sierra oil and gas company to start up the project. The well of oil is estimated to produce over 500 million barrels of crude oil. The estimated cost for drilling is said to be $600 million and the profit expected from the project is $1.4 billion to $2 billion.

This will be a great boost for the company and will enable it to start other projects elsewhere. The equipment used in drilling are made using the latest technology which is designed to reduce expenses and also increase the production of oil. This, in turn, will reduce the cost of production of the crude oil which the company will be able to sell at affordable prices without getting loses.

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