Why Freedom Checks Are Becoming More Popular Among Investors

Investors have no doubt heard about Freedom Checks this year, whether on the internet or from a friend. Most investors stay away from new investment opportunities to invest because there are too many scams out there nowadays. A lot of people think Freedom Checks were a scam as well but as it turns out that is anything but the case. They really do offer impressive invest returns and you’re putting your money into American companies.Matt Badiali, a geologist and financial writer, introduced investors to Freedom Checks. He gave them this name but they have been known as Master Limited Partnerships since they were created by an act of Congress in 1987.

Trying to wean the United States off Middle Eastern oil, the Representatives and Senators wanted to encourage the exploration of oil and gas within the borders of the U.S.To do so, they allowed an investment company to start organizing themselves as MLPs. They could do so only if they derive 90 percent of their income from drilling for oil in the U.S., transporting it, refining it, or keeping it in storage. They pass all of their profits on to their shareholders who don’t have to treat it as income on their federal tax returns as it is instead considered a return on investment.According to Checks, or MLPs, have been known about by savvy wealthy investors for decades who didn’t want others to make the kinds of returns they do on this sort of investment.

Once Matt Badiali heard of them he knew he had to share this secret with his readers and which oil and gas companies are organized as an MLP. Since he revealed an investment information his readers who took advantage have made amazing returns. Some have gotten monthly checks as large as $10,000, or even $58,000. The money is deposited into the investor’s online brokerage account where it can simply be transferred to a bank account for spending.This type of investment is no riskier than investing in regular stocks. However, the potential for larger returns is definitely the big draw. They can easily return more money than any stock dividend ever would.


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