Steve Richie, CEO: Unparalleled Commitment to Re branding Papa Johns

Papa John’s New CEO Steve Richie, is committed to building a better brand has optimism for a fresh start for the pizza giant. His mission is to spread the word that the people who run our restaurants are the the core of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

Mr. Richie traveled cross country visiting with several franchise owners to address their concerns and to regain trust in the community. He listed to the worries, criticism, hopes and fears. Although, some of the conversations were difficult, Steve Richie remains passionate about building a better company.

Throughout his travels, Mr. Richie recognizes that we will always be bigger than one person. Many of the franchises he had spoken with, consider their staff an extension of their family. Also, many of them shared stories of local schools and charities they were able to help because they themselves are community members.

Steve Richie will leave no stone unturned and is determined to push forward and become a better brand. There is a saying at Papa Johns, P.A.P.A (People Are Priority Always). and Mr. Richie is committed to doing just that.

The store managers, drivers, and pizza makers are all representative of the community they serve. Steve Richie believes that fulling acknowledging feedback be it good or bad, is the cornerstone to building a brand built on trust and quality. Steve Richie is fully grounded in rebuilding the brand. He is also committed in restructuring Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is assuring everyone that their voice will be heard, be it negative or positive. His commitment to moving forward is unparalleled. With his positive outlook, passion, and determination, Steve Richie insists the company’s mission of purpose, passion, and commitment to the quality will not stray.

People Are Priority Always. They want to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

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