Paul Mampilly the Finance and Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly, finance, and Investment guru has over 25 years’ experience in the investment industry. He began his career in 1991, and got an masters of business administration from Fordham University in New York in 1996. Paul has an impressive career record, rising from an assistant manager in charge of the portfolio at Bankers Trust to a senior position at Deutsche Bank and ING, Paul Mampilly is an accomplished American investor. He worked for various companies including, Kinetics Asset Management, a hedge fund. Under his leadership, the firm’s assets quickly rose from $6 billion to $25 billion and named the world’s best hedge fund. The average return on investment was 26 percent during that time.

Paul Mampilly has been an investor at Wall Street and during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis managed to turn $50 million to $88 million in a just two-year period. That made him win in a prestigious competition held by the Templeton Foundation reflecting his prowess in the industry. After working for the extra rich, Mampilly retired from Wall Street at the age of 42, to help everyday people make money on their investments.

Banyan Hill publishing,helps over 90,000 followers in America invest in stocks market, technology related ventures, and unique opportunities. Paul Mampilly believes that technology is the springboard for investment in future. Paul has focused on technology-related shares, which he believes will grow steadily shortly. For instance, he points out that blockchain technology will solve many problems in private businesses as well as governments. Therefore, he advised investors to invest in companies that embrace the technology in operations.

Paul has appeared in television interviews on leading business news like, CNBC, Bloomberg TV,among others. He also publishes newsletters like Profits unlimited, advising investors on their wealth through his insightful information on the latest investment opportunities.

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