End Citizens United The Only Hope For Ordinary Americans

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United VS FEC on the issue of “corporates are people” was a big blow to electoral integrity. Special interests were allowed to fund elections campaigns and free, unaccountable and untraceable money flooded in election campaigns. Few billionaires were left to control the political leadership merely because they can buy their way by heavily funding campaigns. When everyone was okay with the ruling in the name of the rule of law End Citizens United was creative enough to counter this unacceptable practice.

End Citizens United is a political action committee which associates itself with the grass root citizens. Through the activities of grass root lobbying whereby an average citizen is allowed to participate in political funding was the only way to defeat balancing of power by few wealthy individuals. Through intensive lobbying, End Citizen United has lobbied over 400000 grass root members who are willing to contribute their small dollars to defeat ill motives of few wealthy thugs.


End Citizens United has given a platform for every single America to participate whereby an affordable membership of average 14 dollars is contributed. The worth of $14 in the eyes of the particular interest is laughable as they did when a total of only $2 million was raised in mid elections of 2015. However, in this year mid polls, End Citizens United is more vibrant, and the support it has received from candidates contesting for political office is fantastic.

End Citizens United has a very broad shoulder called support from the grass root through political action committee. So far the political funding has hit over $35 million and three years after it was inception on March 2015, great strides have been made. It has never been easy to defeat the might, wealthy, and influential billionaires who have been trying to frustrate committee activities. Grass root approach a reliable weapon and a ray of hope to ordinary citizens in the coming mid elections.

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