Adam Milstein Generosity Is an Eye Opener to Many Investors

Not many businessmen are able to multitask and foresee the success of their venture while undertaking other roles in the community. Adam has overcome this myth and has been able to excel not only as a real estate investor but also has an active philanthropist and community leader. It is not easy to achieve such titles and Mr. Milstein must have sacrificed a lot to achieve such dreams.

Career-wise, Adam has served in many positions. He has served at Hager Pacific Properties as the managing partner. At the company, he was overseeing the financing, property management and disposition responsibilities. Adam Milstein has been serving in the real estate for many decades. Through his experience, he has gone on to build his own real estate portfolio that stretches from apartment units to commercial and industrial properties.

Adam has also worked at Hanes Company where he worked as a broker and was recognized among the best agents in the company. Mr. Milstein has gone on to co-establish the Israel-American Council and he is the chairman of the board of directors. Adam Milstein attributes his success to his work ethic and passion to learn new things. Academically, he is a holder of a Masters’ degree from the University of Southern California and also attended the Israel Institute of technology.

It is his philanthropic work that has grasped the attention of many people worldwide. Adam Milstein together with his loving wife Gila co-established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It is a widely respected charity organization that offers philanthropic services to unions that strengthen the Jewish people, the state of Israel as well as reinforcing United States-Israel relations. The foundation has been able to achieve its goals and missions by abiding by three key principles.

Through active philanthropy, the foundation was able to spare time to oversee the success of its goals. Through the Life Path Impact initiative, Adam Milstein has been able to look for funds and develop organizations that effectively engage their target audiences via varied life stages. The programs are designed to maintain continuous relation with the foundations’ target audience.

The philanthropic synergy principle has made it easy for Adam Milstein to gather funds and aid philanthropic organizations to develop practical collaborations with NGOs and achieve shared goals. In essence, Mr. Milstein has dedicated his time, energy and money to change the livelihood of many people. This is an achievement many businessmen and investors have not been able to achieve despite amassing a lot of wealth.

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