Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are back again with healthcare investments

Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb are back on the same floor after working in separate firms for the past two decades. The two have a good reputation for helping investors create wealth through the management of capital. They are considered titans and the market is going to feel the effect of these two working together. They have previously worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. They are now working from the same floor, and collaboration is likely to happen.

Merlin BioMed Group was created in 1998 by Stuart Weisbrod. He brought Gottlieb into the company so that he could help him manage the form. Gottlieb was made a portfolio manager, and he did an excellent job, he brought many worthy investors in the company due to the success he was getting. During the technology boom of the past decade, he helped the company to achieve a 100 percent return in one year. Although he later left to create his own company, he did a commendable job in this company, and now that he is back with Weisbrod, we are going to see more of him.

Weisbrod is a titan in the healthcare investments. He holds a degree in chemistry from Colgate University and another in finance from Columbia University. With this combination, he is able to deal with matters that need the application of both industries. It is also for this reason that he is in the industry to stay and has been committed to it ever since. On the other hand, Jacob Gottlieb is highly qualified; he was influenced by his parents who were professionals in economics and medicine. He decided to combine the two fields. He studied medicine at New York University and economics at Brown University.

It is clear that these two are qualified to be in this industry. Now adding the experience they have earned in the period they have been in the industry, it becomes even better for investors who would like to trust them with their finances. Gottlieb and Weisbrod are experts in healthcare investments and thy look for opportunities across the whole industry. Right now they are focusing on new technologies which are coming into the industry as a source of investment opportunities.

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