Dr. Sam Jejurikar Believes in Passion

Dallas is an area that is known to possess all kind of professionals. Plastic surgeons are also numerous in the area, but one name stands out in this category. Sam Jejurikar is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Dallas, and his accomplishments in this field do not show signs of ending anytime soon. This is due to his continued efforts to bring improvements in plastic surgery. This has been primarily through the invention of safer ways of changing the body outlook without putting the health of the client at stake.

Recently, Dr. Jejurikar said in an interview that his passion to succeed has always been the primary driving force during his extensive career as a plastic surgeon. He says that although the country has numerous professionals in this field, very few practices it as passionately as he does. He derives pride from being able to influence the appearance of clients to the best of his abilities. He says that this opportunity of taking care of the most private needs of his clients is something that he cannot take for granted. Instead, he sees it as a privilege that he’s ever ready to grab with both hands and fulfill the client needs.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works from his Dallas station where he serves clients in Texas as well as other parts of the country. His expertise is undoubtedly exceptional, and he is also a member of the highly rated Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Before establishing his medical center, Dr. Sameer worked in other hospitals in Dallas. Some of these institutions include Baylor Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Although he was not born here, Dr. Sameer considers Dallas as his home having stayed in this area for more than nine years. He says that he is proud to be among the numerous immigrants who have come to Dallas in search of investment opportunities. The cosmetic surgeon is optimistic that the future of plastic surgery is brighter than ever.

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