Jim Toner: To Be Rich, Act Rich

Many people lost faith in the real estate market when it crashed back in 2008. When the United States went through the recession, millions of people lost everything that they had for their retirement. Jim Toner doesn’t believe that it is any reason to give up hope for the future.

In the next 5 years, Jim Toner believes the United States will experience a great period of economic growth. With it may come enormous financial opportunities, one of these being real estate. With prices being low right now, investing soon could provide a fantastic return once the market starts to go up says Jim Toner.

According to, a lot of people blamed their losses on the real estate market itself. But the fact is, most of it can be attributed to bad decisions that were made by investors and homeowner. According to Jim Toner, people need to take some responsibility for the decisions that they made prior to the housing crisis. If investors obtain the proper knowledge and invest in the right property, the real estate market can still provide many great investments opportunities.

In order to become rich, it’s important to stop acting like you’re poor. This doesn’t mean going out and buying expensive things, it means placing value on one of the most important things that you have: time. It’s important to realize that you cannot get the time that you spent on something back, so don’t waste it. As an entrepreneur, Jim Toner knows that time is valuable and nobody can afford to just throw it away.

It’s important to not let failure bring you down. Instead, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) thinks that you should use it as a learning experience so you don’t end up in the same situation again. Almost every successful person has failed at least once during their life and it wasn’t enough to stop them from trying again. Jim Toner himself has experienced failure, especially during the early stages of his real estate career. He did not let this stop him and refused to give up. Instead, he saw it as a learning experience to come back from.

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