How Has OSI Group Leveraged Innovation to Emerge As a World Leader in Meat Distribution?

OSI group opened its doors to the public over a century ago as an immigrant-run family business in downtown Chicago. Having started as a butcher shop, the meat processing and distribution business has evolved over the years into one of the largest meat companies in the world. It has survived a series of challenges threatening its sustainability by embracing innovative business operations that saw it cripple competition and make to the list of top ten meat industry players in the world. Innovativeness within the company was primarily centered on such areas as:

Business operations

In its seventh decade of operation, OSI group experienced one of its biggest losses after it missed to clinch a meat supply deal with McDonald. The inability to meet the fast-rising hotelier’s demands was occasioned by the use of outdated technologies at their processing plants that pushed up the cost of production. The management would respond to this by investing in cutting-edge factory processing technologies that not only helped streamline operations but also lowered the production costs.


The Aura based meat company would also face numerous challenges such as cash straps and stiff competition when it sought to implement its expansionary goals. OSI group started off its global meat industry dominance campaign by adopting several rudimental approaches. Key among these included deciding on a potential international market and mobilizing resources on how to set up new plants and instituting marketing campaigns.

The strategy would, however, prove quite expensive and time consuming forcing the company to get back to the drawing board severally. With time, OSI management under Sheldon Lavin abolished this process and resulted to the acquisition of functional brands within these territories.


Change in OSI group leadership as well as a constant adaptation of revolutionary leadership strategies also played a crucial role in helping the meat processor emerge top in the global industry. For instance, the change of leadership and assumption of the group CEO and chairman’s position by Sheldon Lavin proved revolutionary to the company. The finance and investment titan not only helped the meat company restructure its financial strategy as well as explore new international markets.

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