Fresh Farming with Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is one very busy man. He has several business ventures going for him and has found success in all of them. Milan Kordestani is the CEO and the founder of the Milan Farms. He is also a writer for the Huffington Post. In addition to all this Milan is a well-known equestrian and is still very involved in the competitions. He is doing all of this while attending college.

Milan Kordestani has enjoyed success as an equestrian. He ranked 3rdi n the World Championship and also showed well in the Under Park Division. He ranked 2nd in the Worlds Championship in 2015. He began to ride horses at the age of 10 and was thrown off the horse his first time. He did have the courage to get back on and dedicated himself to the challenge of riding horses. He was drawn to the horses and even began with riding lesion. Within a couple of years, he showed significant progress and quickly was considered a champion. He won the first leg of the triple crown race in 2015 with his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. The horse ended up placing 3rd during the last race of the triple crown.

When he is not riding horses, Milan Kordestani is working hard at Milan Farms. He started the firm when he was a sophomore in high school. This farm focuses on using organic and responsible practice. On the farm, poultry is raised as well as fresh eggs and saffron. The farm is the first place to grow saffron with hydroponic methods using microfiber sponges. Milan wants his customers to know his farming practices and feels that organic measures are the better for the poultry as well as the customers. He is committed to raising the poultry in a human manner and wants to offer the best possible products to the customers.

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