Whitney Wolfe Created Dating App That Becomes More Than A Dating App

Some people might say that all of the dating apps are starting to look the same. When it comes to Whitney Wolfe a hint of originality played a big role in making Bumble much different. It does not look like everything else because it is not like everything else. Whitney Wolfe has gone an extra step to provide people with a better dating app opportunity. She created Bumble as a dating app originally, but it has expanded into so much more.

Business opportunities are available through Bumble Bizz. Friendship opportunities are available through Bumble BFF. People still have the ability to use Bumble dating to connect with potential singles. All of these things are combined inside of one app, but these functions are compartmentalized so things are not mixed up. This is the thing that many other social media apps have failed to do. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

Wolfe knew that there would be someone interested if she gave them opportunities to date and instantly switch over to connecting with potential business partners after they found a mate. She knew that there would be a need for retention when it came to social media. This is what most dating app developers do not realize. This has made Whitney Wolfe more of a leader when it comes to innovation and change and the dating app environment.

Some onlookers might say that Whitney Wolfe has found her niche because she knew that it would be easier to keep the users she already had than it would be to obtain new users after old registered users left the dating app when they found someone.

It was a great idea for Whitney Wolfe to work on retention when it came to seeing what people might actually want through a social media platform. She also realized that there was a need to cut down on sexual harassment during this #metoo movement.

Wolfe has shared so much of herself in her own experiences with sexual harassment. She wanted to give women a chance to explore dating online without the all the harrassment that came into the picture with dating apps.

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