10 years of Gareth Henry consistency in financial markets

A good investor knows the dynamism of the financial world. A great investor like Gareth Henry, however, is not only knowledgeable but also consistent (over time and in different capacities). The Heriot-Watt University graduate is without a doubt one of the most successful investors for the past one decade. He has held different positions within the vast investment market and (in all cases) his resume is unmatched.

The years Gareth Henry has been in the investment world, he has worked with very different clients and in diverse markets. This diversity has given him the needed exposure any investor needs to make rational financial decisions. With this exposure, he has been able to make huge returns in competitive markets. This success explains why he is one of the most respected investors in the USA.

Gareth Henry has always been a client-centered investor. For him, (with this approach in investment), he has always been able to meet the high expectations clients have in investments. His vast knowledge of the international financial dynamics has made him successful in his investments especially in Europe, Latin America, and the USA. In all these parts of the world, his immense knowledge of marketing, sales and unique approach to specifics (of PR) explain why different companies in the past one decade have wanted him to join them.

From the Schroders to Fortress, Gareth Henry is always ready for new challenge. The actuarial mathematics graduate started his career as early as 2007 in the fast-growing Schroders. His success opened up new opportunities to work with Fortress Investment in different capacities (mainly in liquid markets and the in relations departments).

In 2014, Gareth Henry was very vocal on investment opportunities in Brazil. His analysis of different factors in Brazil influenced his prediction. Surprisingly, his predictions were correct and the investors that followed his advice had huge returns. He has also made predictions on other economies especially in Asia, and Latin America. Scotland political landscape in 2014 according to him presented smart investors with huge returns.

His consistency in his career as an investor and a respectable investment pundit is a contribution of many factors but mostly his ability to evaluate economies objectively and his experience.

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