Victoria Doramus Working To Open A Halfway House

After attending the University of Colorado Boulder, where she earned her BA in journalism and mass communications, Victoria Doramus, a marketing expert, would go on to be one of the most successful marketing consultants in the world. After graduation, Victoria was a media planner for Mindshare and has writing editorials for various upscale newspapers. Also working as a creative consultant for Stila Cosmetic and responsible for maintaining international networks of media executives around the world, Victoria is well respected in media and marketing circles.

Victoria also heavily involved in many philanthropic and charitable organizations. Victoria volunteers at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization that focuses on drug and alcohol abuse prevention. Victoria is very familiar with addiction, and understand prevention is a lot easier than rehabilitation.

Having been in three different drug rehab facilities, Victoria had hit rock bottom before she was able to get her cocaine and Adderall addictions under control. Initially, Victoria spent 45 days in a rehab center in Arizona called Sierra Tucson, in Tucson. After Sierra Tucson, Victoria had not learned how to handle her addictions and had yet to understand drug addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Moving from state to state, even perusing her graduates in London, and an effort to escape her drug addictions. Find out more info by visiting this link.

It would be in 2016 after being arrested in NYC and spending time being homeless, Victoria decided to check into the Burning Tree rehabilitation facility in Austin Texas. The Burning Tree used the 12 step program approach but mandates an entire month to be devoted to each of the 12 steps. After being released from the Burning Tree, Victoria was forced to get a jog working 30-40 hours per week. Having no car for transportation, Victoria was forced to catch the bus to and from work. Victoria is currently exploring ways to raise funding to open another half-way house to help people with drug addictions. Follow Victoria on Facebook.

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