The Man Himself “Ryan Seacrest”

Ryan Seacrest is the type of guy that spends a large majority of his life trying to live healthy and be as fit as possible. In an interview with New York times he explains how he lives his day in full detail. For example, when he wakes up in the morning he makes sure he has his tea which is filled with certain herbs and vitamins that are essential to the human body. After that he will follow it with a coffee just to gain some extra energy before going to train.

The physical aspect of Ryan’s life has become a key essential throughout his life, He loves to do intense weight training, lots of running, and has recently picked up boxing as an extra hobby. Also, just to make sure he stays motivated and doesn’t stop going he’ll bring a trainer to the gym every day that he wants to train.

According to Forbes, Ryan also further explains that he’s become an expert at managing his work life to avoid stress yet still get a healthy amount of his tasks done day by day. Some of the strategies he uses is to balance his day. By that he means that he would do certain portions of work throughout the first half of the day, then the other half was saved after he would take a relaxing break. He used to think the right way was to try to cram everything in and not worry about structure. As long as he’s moving fast he believed he was getting things done the right way. WRONG!! The American Idol host now believes he lives a less stressful life and that he works more efficiently by spacing everything out and having a certain schedule.

TV host Ryan Seacrest has some iconic positions throughout his life, one of them being hosting American Idol. American idol went off the air for a little while but is actually coming back for 2018! Ryan will be hosting it once again and thinks it will be nothing but another amazing experience. On top of Ryan also has his own clothes and bring with many varieties of apparel to buy from. He calls it “Ryan Seacrest Distinction“. One more thing that’s extremely important to him is the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. It’s a nonprofit organization that is purely dedicated to inspiring our youth. It’s mainly based on motivation and encouragement and showing the youth how they can live healthy plus think outside of the box.

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