Sheldon Lavin is the Man Behind the Global Expansion of OSI Group

There always comes a time when a small business enterprise emerges from becoming a small entity to a huge business enterprise. OSI Group is one such business entity. A company that started out as a small butcher is now a revered company operating globally. By dealing particularly in meat products, OSI Group has been able to dominate the food sector through quality products and guaranteed customer satisfaction. All in all, it is good to take into account that all this was not achieved in a short period. The streak of success has come about after many decades of operation. Moreover, with dedicated leaders such as Sheldon Lavin, the current chief executive officer of OSI Group, the company has been able to succeed in a magnificent manner.

Background Data

For a company that started out as a butcher shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky, the potential that lied in dealing in meat products surely lead to the expansion of the shop to operating globally. To start with, the growth of the butcher shop led to Otto launching a branch in Maywood back in the day. The butcher shop later transitioned into a family business that was renamed into Otto & Sons. At the time, the transition came about since Otto Kolschowsky decided to engage his sons in the business. Otto & Sons would later work with McDonald’s restaurant. The restaurant had a high demand for meat products, and Otto & Sons were in the capability to deliver. Since food is a fast moving commodity, the McDonald’s entity was growing very fast. AS McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons would also grow since they had to expand their operations to meet the demand for meat products by the McDonald’s restaurant.

Additional Information

As Otto & Sons grew, they had to outsource funds to finance the building of more plants as they expanded their operations. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin was a finance expert, and he assisted Otto & Sons to get funds for their projects. Since the sons of Otto- Arthur and Henry were approaching their retirement years, one of the sons decided to sell his shares. Sheldon Lavin had initially seen the potential in Otto & Sons, with that as the case; he did not hesitate to acquire the shares. Later on, Sheldon Lavin’s expertise as a financial expert led to him being recruited as the chief executive of Otto & Sons which later transitioned to OSI Group in 1975.

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