OSI Food Solutions is taking on the World of Food Service with Great Success

OSI Food Group has grown, in part, through expansion by acquiring other food provider and food service entities. The greater part of their success can be attributed to excellence in products and service, as well as acquiring entities that compliment their current brand. A most complimentary acquisition of late was Baho Food. The company focuses on snacks, deli meats and a variety of convenience foods. The addition gave OSI food solutions with a much further presence and reach into Europe. The addition adds muscle and product line to both companies, as well as broadening the overall customer base. The acquisition also allows OSI food solutions as a whole broadens their capabilities, while maintaining their excellence in service to their customers.

In addition, Baho brings to the table five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. This segment of Baho serves the needs of customers in more than 15 countries in Europe. The management team at Baho remained upon acquisition and was integrated into the OSI food solution management team. The two groups worked together to develop an overall management strategy to bring the two food service entities together into one cohesive and seamless unit. Both groups were very excited about the acquisition, realizing it was beneficial for both entities.

The success of OSI food solutions is dependent on one additional aspect and that is the strength of the team they assemble. It is important to OSI to seek out the best and brightest the world has to offer. The offer a working culture and environment of support and challenge and allow team members to grow and become the best they can be. OSI firmly believes that each person can make a difference, as they add their talent, as well as their experience to the workings of the company. It does not matter if potential candidates are fresh out of the gate or with experience under their belt; OSI has a place for team members to grow.

The philosophy of the company is to grow globally, but work locally. OSI food solutions works best when the team takes advantage of the local talent while being sensitive to local culture and the rules and regulations that govern such a venture. It is important to OSI to embrace the local population and always work to fill their needs.


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