Stream Energy Is Boasting Their Philanthropy With Stream Cares Foundation

Stream Energy has been working with the community in Texas for a long time, always playing their part to help out and donate to charities. When Harvey struck, Stream Energy was one of the first to chip in and start providing relief to the victims of the hurricane. Not only has the company’s efforts helped thousands of people, but it has brought them a lot of positive attention and new customers for their dedication to help the very people they serve. Stream has even started a more focused philanthropic effort known as Stream Cares in recent years.

According to Stream Energy, giving back to the community is part of what the company does and it will always be integral to their code. Even more than that, it is a smart move for any business to be supportive and helpful to their community and their customers. Even though they started up Stream Cares, it is just to create a more formal process for their philanthropic work, since Stream Energy has been active humanitarians for more than a decade. One of the biggest reasons Stream Energy is able to give so much back is the marketing techniques that have saved them a great deal of money, which go towards improving their services and helping the Texas community.

Stream is following a rather unique business model in terms of what most corporations do these days, but it is extremely effective for them. The philanthropy that they perform around the community helps build their image and their brand, building up their clientele base as well as giving them loyalty within the community. Stream Energy works with both residential spaces as well as commercial. Because the company operates through direct sales, they save a lot of money not having to advertise their brand, especially since they have such a strong reputation in the community already.

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