Aloha Construction: Practices What it Preaches

The importance of creating a company with the right values start at the top and stays there. Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction, understands the importance of being a leader in the community along with guiding his company.

The careers page at the Aloha Construction website offers individuals an opportunity to join a family. The construction company looks for team members with an entrepreneurial spirit. This type of long-term philosophy enables the company to cultivate a better employee. The company wants a worker who sees the significance of doing good for the people around them.

The mission statement for Aloha Construction conveys the DNA of the company precisely. Making money is a priority however, responsibility to their customers come first.

The BBB has given its prestigious Torch Award to Aloha Construction for 2017. The award honors companies which know how to do business the right way. Organizations who see the impact of community and employees on their bottom line, receive the esteemed award.

Several charitable organizations are the focus of Aloha Construction. Dave Farbaky considers youth sports an excellent choice to give back to his community.

Aloha Construction is practicing what it preaches.

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