Ann Scango, Artist and Mother

Ann Scango is an Austin Texas artist and sculptor who produces many different texturally complex creations that have become recognized all across the state of Texas. Ann Scango is very focused on the natural presence of things and how humans interact with nature and their environment. She has been producing art since she was very young, but it took time for her experiences and passions to culminate in her founding of the Scango Collection Austin, which houses a collection of all-female art pieces. In hopes of advancing human creativity as a whole, Ann Scango continuously searches for new, thoughtful and evocative pieces to add to her gallery.

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Aside from launching her own gallery, Ann Scango is particularly passionate about motherhood and its transformative nature and deep emotional impact on people, particularly women. In her view, there are few things that compare to the intimacy and sacrifice in the life and role of a mother and that makes it a font for creative energy. Motherhood in itself is a creative process and therefore naturally lends itself to art in all forms. Be it the joy of new life and bonding, the pain of losing a child, or simply its overpowering and physically transformative nature, motherhood is strongly represented in art throughout human history.

Image result for contemporary artAnn Scango’s view of these subjects of art is that the most intense pieces come from strong women who have experienced motherhood themselves and can add the depth an and d passion of their experiences into the art they create. In turn, these pieces while beautiful in their own right, cannot be fully appreciated in their complexity and depth unless one has personally experienced motherhood. Despite that, Ann Scango feels that artwork depicting motherhood needs to be displayed more often in our society, which played a part in her decision to found Scango Collection Austin.

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