Get More Done with Ten Tips from Upwork

Upwork recently wrote a blog that teaches the readers how to accomplish more on their to-do list with 10 simple steps in their article “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List”.

The blog begins with an easy but important way to improve your to-do list situation, write it all down! The reason why this is such an important way to fix your to-do list is because of a psychological phenomenon called the Zeigernik Effect. This occurs when you continue to think about the tasks you haven’t accomplished yet. It makes it difficult for you to focus on one task at a time because your mind is constantly reminding you of all the tasks you haven’t accomplished. It can also cause a lot of stress. David Allen, the world renowned expert on productivity, suggest that the simple way to solve this issue is by writing down every task. This allows your brain to relax and focus your attention on the task you are trying to get done.

Upwork also suggests you prepare your to-do list the night before. Many of us waste precious time in the morning, the time when we should be getting our most important tasks done, by checking emails and trying to decide on our priorities for the day. If you create your to-do list the night before you will be ready to hit the ground running the next day.

Another suggestion is to assign energy levels to each task. Some tasks require more energy and more focus than others which is why you can’t simply do them whenever you want. Instead, you need to focus your time, particularly the time when you are the most productive, on accomplishing the tasks that require the most focus. Mike Vardy, another productivity expert suggests each task should have a high, medium, or low energy assignment so you can plan your day according to your energy levels.

Upwork began nearly a decade ago when two friends decided to create a company that would bring a pool of talented freelancers together with the businesses who needed their talent. The freelancers could find flexibility and freedom from the jobs online while the businesses could get their creative work done even if they didn’t have a team dedicated to it.


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