OSI Group- Diversifying to a Giant Business Empire

Raising its core business from being a butcher shop to becoming the trending and leading multinational food provider the OSI Group has set its trend mark. The OSI Company has 20,000 employees working in its 65 facilities located in 17 countries making it the largest providers of food products globally. It started from the humble beginning and embraced the challenges of business managing to create a robust corporate business and enjoying a slice of the American Economic History of the 20th century. The company brings out the beauty of evolving story of globalized and modern markets.

The OSI group has a long history that’s rooted to Otto Kolschowsky who immigrated to Chicago from Germany. The German descendants made half of the Illinois population, and the city grew with various businesses, and in 1909 Otto started a local retail meat shop with the sole purpose of serving his community. The industry blossomed, and it expanded to the Chicago suburb and in 1928 it rebranding to Otto and Sons, and decades later it became a robust and successful local business and an international business icon.

The Otto and Sons joined hands with McDonald becoming their main distributors of beef, and both made a transition from local markets to international markets. In 1975 the Otto and Sons Empire rebranded again becoming the notable OSI Industries marking a 75-year change from being a family butcher servicing local community to a technologically advanced international company operating in different levels of the manufacturer. In 1975 the sons of Otto were approaching the retirement age and hence the need to hand over the company to capable hands, and Sheldon Lavin joined as a partner. In 1980 Lavin took full control of the company becoming the new owner and bringing with him expertise and skills ranging from negotiation skills to sophisticated capitalization ideas making it a multination corporation.

Lavin Sheldon became the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group in 1980 managing the company to high levels of growth and phases that centered to various companies apart from McDonald’s. According to Forbes, the OSI Group transition has led it to enormous increase ranking no 58 as the most significant and robust private company in 2016 and having revenue return of 6.1 billion dollars. It’s current boasts of being the vital providers of food products in different continents and has acquired various companies that believe in their core agenda of quality. OSI Group believes in consolidation, expansion, and diversification and hence receiving numerous awards for their dedication and output in the food industry.

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