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In March 1990, an idea was born. NewsWatch TV which, by then, was a monthly show. Initially, its prime centre of attention was financial matters. Over the years the business has expanded to ensure that trends and the general public have been satisfied by the services offered. The show has evolved from a monthly show to a weekly show that has air rights in AMC and Ion Television. It airs about a wide variety of issues including technology, entertainment, and mobile app reviews. It also helps non-profit organizations to create awareness with the aim of assisting the non-profits to achieve their objectives.

One client who has worked with us previously is the Avanca group for their Indiegogo campaign. Their target was to fundraise from the public an amount of $10,000 in a month. NewsWatch TV worked with the client by a one-minute ad both on air and online platform. The project was highly successful as it raised 26 fold the target.

So what exactly does the client say about working with NewsWatch TV? It was the first time they worked with us, but they came back again for the launch of a particular kind of headphones they launched. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Avianca’s marketing director, one of the reasons the Indiegogo campaign was a huge success was because of the highly motivated team at NewsWatch TV. Moreover, she acknowledges the quality of the interview was top class and was able to reach close to over 96 million persons across the US. With the client coming again to work with NewsWatch TV it’s a significant vote of confidence for us. In her own words, she goes on to say she direct anyone who has a product or service to promote to the NewsWatch TV team as success is guaranteed.

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