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Richard Dwayne Blair is a business man who is known for his intelligence and competence in the area of financial education. He has brought to the people a massive amount of value and has done much to acquire his goals all while staying happy along the way. He is a definitive example of hard work ethic and has truly earned his special place in the world. His mother taught him the importance and the discipline of studying and researching for himself what was true to find the gems of education which in his mind produced measurable sums of confidence and knowledge about what was actually going on in the financial industry. On top of his influences at the house he found within himself the desire to reach the peaks of achievements regarding the money business. He set up shop after going to college for more education on finances at the school in Houston Texas. This store that he made is actually an internationally famed and regarded sector called Wealthy Solutions, and it is where the wealthy classes which comprise of individual people and whole corporations go to often to invest their money to make cash work for more cash. The Wealth Solutions Incorporated was built by Richard Dwayne Blair and as the boss now of several employees he made a formula that the whole company abides by to this very day. The formula is the basis at which to approach the customer and what to do to provide the service so critically acclaimed across the world. Firstly, there is the process of actually meeting the customer in person and shaking hand on an agreed direction that the investor want to take on with their money. The second hoop to jump through is the actual construction of the scheme at hand. This is when things get real interesting because the whole purpose of getting an investment in Wealthy Solutions is to invest money, and this is the step where that happens. Here the strategy is implemented and the customer then becomes an onlooker as their money multiplies due to compound interest and gain. The last and final request of Richard Dwayne Blair himself is that all persons working must keep up to date with all investments to ensure the quality of their service.

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