What’s The Connection Between San Francisco’s Tenderloin Distict & The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has become a staple in American society. This phenomenal school for the arts offer an abundance of undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates. Many of its former-graduates have gone on to successful careers in entertainment and in design. Being such a well-rounded institution, some of its former-graduates have presented clothing attire at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. You won’t find a more productive school than this. For 2018, Academy of Art University has begun to work with its community more often. By doing so, this dynamic duo will make San Francisco a much safer place to live.

Tech student of this institution has brought a brilliant plan to the table. The plan is an actual concept, which will use some of the most advanced technologies. These technologies will come in the form of an application that can be used on smartphones. The Tenderloin District of San Francisco is no joke. In all honesty, this part of town has a very high-crime rate as well as a high-poverty rate. The good inhabitants of the city seems to be suffering in silence.

Academy of Art University’s tech students will use this smartphone app to clean-up the city because the app will display actual moods. The moods will be similar to emojis. Thanks to augmented reality, the moods will be placed on top of certain elements in Tenderloin. The moods will also represent actual emotions like “joy,” “anger,” “happiness” and “disgusted.”

This type of project has never been done before. These students are breaking-down barriers, which could result in creating a much safer environment. One of the best features of this project is that the information will be presented in real-time. What more could you ever ask for? The Academy of Art University is a revolutionary in a sense. The school truly cares about its community, and it is leading by example.


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