Malcolm CasSelle Is Innovating The World Of Virtual Currency

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of the company WAX and currently maintains the position of CIO at OPSkins, which is well known for being one of the top sellers of virtual items and assets, such as video games, skins, and more. Today, the company is becoming known as one of the biggest merchants of bitcoin in the entire world. According to the leaders of the company, including Malcolm, they operate on a centralized system which is actually a limitation for the company. Instead, they are attempting to switch over to a decentralized system that will allow the format and the world of virtual currency to truly take off.

WAX is the company that is going to make this all possible with the blockchain technology and decentralized system they are putting in place for trading virtual assets. WAX is currently allowing users to take their virtual assets and turn them into tokens so they may sell them to other players without ever needing a middleman or needing to leave the transaction in the first place. This allows them to be much safer and more efficient for users. Without the need for intermediaries, there will be a much lower chance of fraud and money will be saved for both the buyers and sellers.

With the world of eSports steadily building a bigger appearance and following, virtual assets are going to become more profitable than ever and the WAX technology will make it possible for everyone to use in a safe manner. Malcolm has a great deal of experience in crypto and the technology industry. Not only has he held various different position at technology companies in the past as an executive, but he graduated from MIT and earned his degree in computer science. He Later earned his masters degree from the University of Stanford.

Over the course of his career, Malcolm CasSelle has pushed forward the startups of notable companies such as MediaPass and Xfire. He has also invested in various companies over the years, including social media giant, Facebook. Today, Malcolm CasSelle spends his time leading WAX and OPSkins from his home in Los Angeles.


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