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General health is a big part of humans as it is. Dieting is just but one way to keep healthy. Exercising to get fit is another way of combating future repercussions of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercise helps tremendously in boosting ones mood, controlling appetite and improving sleep. Many long term effects of a poor and unhealthy life style like heart disease, stroke, dementia, depression, stroke and many cancers can easily be tackled simply through exercise. Boosting your diet fuels the body with necessary nutrients meant to combat certain individual interests. People have targets on what they want to achieve when they work out or boost their body intake. Science has gifted us with a shortcut to burning fat, increasing performance and building muscles. Adding additives to an everyday diet might just require training .Enhanced Athlete offers solutions for people seeking to boost their body systems by offering a range of products, videos, guides and training. Enhanced athletes products have benefits that stimulate various body functions.

A rival nutrition company, Nutrition Distribution through their attorney Tauler has filed claims that Enhanced Athlete, through Charles Anthony Hughes also known as Dr. Tony Huge has been marketing in a misleading way. Due to the failure of Anthony Hughes to appear for a January 19, 2018 deposition, Attorney Tauler’s office stated that the court ruled in the hearing that Hughes must be available for a deposition within the next 60 days. However Dr. Tony Huge is currently traveling and not available in the United States of America. Tauler has referenced Enhanced Athlete’s marketing materials listing Hughes as the CEO and founder and stated that their marketing is false, hence the reason as to why Nutritional Distribution is losing its sales. Cavell, the CEO and founder of Enhanced Athlete clearly states that Hughes is simply his brands ambassador. Evidence submitted by the rival company has failed to hold up in court hence Enhanced Athlete has won its case by managing to convince the Judge in the district court of California to reject the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution.

Working hand in hand with Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear success of athletes has been realized. Experts that have been hired by the three companies which actually use one logo have ensured customer satisfaction. While Enhanced Gear provides suitable sports gear for its customers, Enhanced Coaching equips individuals with necessary training that can be personalized to par with an athlete.

Many of you have been asking me how I use Enhanced Athletes HydroGene (Swell and Swole) so I decided to make a quick video. I cover the main body areas where I personally use it and where it's helped me. HydroGene is for topical use only and is not intended for any other use besides this. I have taken it upon myself to experiment and relay my findings. This is not medical or any other type of advice, this is simply how I choose to use HydroGene. For more info visit or click the link in bio, For more videos go to #enhancedathlete #pioneeringhumanevolution #pioneeringhumanperformance #siteenhancement #freedom #drtonyhuge #tonyhuge

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