Susan McGalla’s journey into the spotlight.

Women in leadership are one of the highly discussed topics in the world, more women are embracing leadership positions, and they have not disappointed, research showed that companies with diversity in leadership are likely to have better outcomes since the line of thought and the ideas brought to the table are diversified.

One woman who has taken the business world with a storm is Susan McGalla, Susan is a renowned businessperson, she has also worked in several organizations as the president and has been detrimental in the companies achieving their goals. Susan’s career kicked off in 1986 where she worked in the marketing department. This opportunity gave her a stable platform and has played a vital part in her success today. In this organisation, Susan worked for almost nine years.

While in school Susan did a degree in business and marketing, this helped her understand financial trends and it her landed her a job as a financial advisor, Susan McGalla has helped many companies rise to greater height and has managed to become one of the most sorts after leaders in the marketing industry.

However, Susan’s journey has not always been a walk in the park, at some point in her career she was dismissed due to weak sales when she worked remotely while she was pregnant. Soon after Susan stood back on her feet, proving that setbacks should not define you. One of the things that have also influenced Susan’s confidence is her upbringing she was taught that one could achieve what they set their mind into doing whether the society deemed it as a male task or female task and this has tremendously helped her rise in any difficult task.

Despite Susan McGalla being on the spotlight and encouraging more women to take up leadership positions, it has been noted that at times this opportunity is limited to women, thus encouraging women in leadership or influential posts to come up with initiatives that allow networking. Networking will expose more women to opportunities increasing their presence in the market.

Susan’s story is an inspiration, and more women should take up the task and step up into the business world when opportunities arise.

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