The Vista of Jeunesse Global

You don’t hear so often about general health and wellness companies these days that have a functional and attractive plan to tackle your wellness woes, but they’re out there. Today, we’re focusing on Jeunesse, a wonder company in its own right with an interesting path of travel from its point of inception to this very day, and it all began with the duo that founded it in 2009: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray.

Jeunesse was originally formed by these experienced entrepreneurs when they developed their respective businesses into successful enterprises. The funds and experience gained from this undertaking were pooled as the two put their minds together toward a vision of a world where everyone could restore their youthful potential and hold on to it for longer. The problem, they saw, was that while we survive longer in this day and age, we don’t necessarily live longer than we once did.

In seeing the cause of this with the many unnatural influences of today’s lifestyles, Randy and Wendy decided the time would never be right if they waited for opportunity to knock on their door, so they seized the moment and invested into the research and development that would create the Youth Enhancement System: the nine product lines that would elevate Jeunesse into international acclaim. Today, Jeunesse is listed as one of the 500 fastest developing sales platforms in the world, and they’ve gathered a great following in their wake.

What They Offer

The theory is that the human body is the most potent healing technology that’s available to humanity, and no drug or surgical laser can ever reproduce what the body’s very own self-corrective processes can achieve with the proper care. The issue is that we don’t actually take care of ourselves; we’re inundated in radiation, dietary deficiencies and sedentary inactivity that ultimately results in breakdown and accelerated aging.

The Youth Enhancement System aims to remedy this by promoting the following:

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