Shervin Pishevar Talks the Next 24 Months

Shervin Pishevar seems to always be one step ahead of the investment world, and since his initial foray into entrepreneurship, after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, he has steadily outpaced the competition. To date, co-founder of the venture capital firm, Sherpa Capital, has added a wide variety of companies into his portfolio – many of which were identified during their initial phases, later becoming brand names. Social media is one of the most utilized tools in Shervin Pishevar’s arsenal, and after being noticeably quiet on the medium for the majority of the year, he reemerged in magnificent fashion, posting a number of successive tweets concerning the future of American amidst these changing times.

The man with the uncanny ability to handpick bonafide companies has noticed a major change throughout Silicon Valley. Once known as the world capital of all things innovation, the ideologies that catapulted it into the technological stratosphere, have since been adopted by countries all over the world. Today, in Shervin Pishevar’s estimation, Silicon Valley is present in every major center of the world, having transcended its physical space. The “American way,” as Shervin Pishevar describes it, which has been geared toward the entrepreneurial spirit, is no longer unique to America, and has since evolved into the “global way.” Competitive zones of innovation are now topping the United States in many sectors, as innovation has become borderless. We are finding that countries are now harvesting their own homegrown talent, which, in doing so, increases the technological footprint of the United States’ entrepreneurial rivals, while decreasing the power, as well as the aura, of Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed the presence of stateless digital currencies, which are slowly but surely creating a world in which traditional governmental and financial institutions are becoming obsolete. According to Mr. Pishevar, this change is representative of the “once in a 1000 year shift” that is currently underway. The rise of stateless digital currencies seems to represent a positive for proponents of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which he believes will see a return to prominence over the next several years.

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