How Tinder’s Parent Company Is Bullying Whitney Wolfe

Despite being a huge company and a major player in the dating app world, Tinder still feels the need to attack smaller companies that are doing things similar to them. Even though there are many other companies in the dating app world that have directly copied them, Tinder chose to go after Bumble. They wanted what Bumble has and they didn’t want to stop at anything to get to that point. They made it hard on people who were doing their best and made things worse for everyone who was trying to continue helping people.

Tinder knew that Bumble was going to grow and be really successful. For them, though, it was personal. They didn’t like Whitney Wolfe because she used to work for them. She had a lot of great ideas and actually helped the app grow to where it is now. She knew what she was doing and was successful. It was something the company liked when she worked for them, but they didn’t like it once she left the company and became one of their competitors. They saw her as a threat and that’s what made them want to change things for the people who were in the company.

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While Whitney Wolfe did everything she could to battle the advances of Tinder, they still pushed her. They were a lot like the men who used their dating app. They didn’t know how to take no for an answer and Whitney Wolfe struggled with them bullying her. Even though she wasn’t ready to give up her company, they wanted her to. They knew it would be great to add to their portfolio. If they could make Bumble part of Tinder, they wouldn’t have to worry about competing against Whitney Wolfe according to Since she was so good, they knew they’d lose if it came to competing against her.

Even though she said no and they still continued pushing to buy the company, they wanted to do something even worse. They decided to accuse her of stealing their ideas. She was the one who came up with most of those ideas and it made it hard for Whitney Wolfe to do things the right way. It also made it hard for people to realize there were things that could change depending on what she did with it. The company saw that Whitney Wolfe as CEO was successful and they wanted to bring her down so they did whatever it took.

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