Class Dojo Is Helping Students Connect In Communities Around The World

Education is more important than ever before with the increasing competition found in all professions and corners of the world. The leaders of tomorrow will be the students receiving their education today. Class Dojo is a communication platform developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to help provide students a better educational experience. So far, Class Dojo has done an amazing job spreading across schools around the United States and even around the world today. Students in different classrooms around the world using Class Dojo’s app to see videos of each other and ask questions. This helps students see various cultures as well as the various similarities and differences between themselves and students in other parts of the world.

What truly makes Class Dojo unique to the majority of other educational platforms out there is that they are focused on breaking barriers and driving communication forward for students, teachers and especially parents. There is no doubt that a healthy interest from parents helps a students education tremendously, giving them more confidence and determination to succeed. With Class Dojo’s app, even parents with the busiest schedule are able to keep up with their child’s progress in the classroom as well as communicate with their teacher if needed.

In less than a decade, Class Dojo has managed to work their way into nearly all classrooms within the United States in elementary grades, and their influence is growing quickly internationally. Part of their mission to improve education for students is allowing all students and parents to participate in a completely free program. Nearly all devices today can run the Class Dojo app with an internet connection, so all that is required is an invitation from a classroom teacher and to download the app itself. Class Dojo is able to do this through funding and donations from various sponsors that are interested in helping their cause. There are also various extra features that the Class Dojo program offers to help build revenue, but these are not required to benefit from Class Dojo’s main features.

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