Talos Energy Leads in Oil and Gas Exploration

Talos Energy was established in 2012. The oil and gas company specializes in the exploration of hydrocarbon production in America and Mexico. With its central office in Dallas, Texas, Talos Energy has over 150 employees. It is critical to note that these employees are pleased by the management.

Background Data

For Talos Energy, partnerships are a sure way of sealing successful business deals. That explains why the company is a partnership of two major firms; Apollo Global Management as well as Riverstone Holdings. As a team, the companies have a significant objective of exploiting and exploring oil mines and gas assets within Mexico and the entire Gulf Coast. Moreover, the company has a thriving business development unit.

Exploring the Mexican Oil Industry

The history of Mexico’s oil exploration dates to 1938 when the Mexican government participated in the issuing of a decree that created a universal oil corporation called Premex. When Premex was founded, it received exclusivity on extraction, exploration as well as refining and commercialization. From there, the country made the critical decision of becoming one of the significant controllers of oil and gas mining.

Nationalization of Talos Energy

After the legalization of oil mining in Mexico, neighboring countries resorted to conflicts with union workers. That contributed to a significant strike and oil shortages. However, the government solved the warfare by announcing the expropriation and later the nationalization of private oil companies.

Working at Talos Energy

Consequently, Talos Energy became a major private oil company. Since 1938, the company has dealt with the exploration of oil from different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Dutch. Subsequently, Talos Energy became a significant employer. As such, the company offers working opportunities to thousands of families. Most importantly, Talos Energy ensures that these employees enjoy working in a peaceful and comfortable environment. This is one aspect that contributes to the country’s healthy economy.

Overview of Employment and Career Opportunities

Talos Energy works hard to maintain a collaborative environment for its employees. That is why in 2017, the company was named a leading workplace for relatively smaller companies. The Houston Chronicle announced after researching on how Talos Energy had been constructive in building the economy. As a leading oil as well as gas industry, Talos Energy is focused on ensuring that all workers, irrespective of race, gender diversity or age, are entitled to employee benefits. The future of Talos Energy lies in its leadership and management. For people who are seeking employment, Talos Energy provides the following career opportunities:

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