New Brunswick Is Flourishing Thanks to Omar and Wasseem Boraie

New Brunswick is now a thriving city, but it was not always that way. It used to be a city that was rolling downhill rapidly. However, Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, came along and changed everything. First, he bought twenty one old buildings and knocked them down to create office space.

The city of New Brunswick now had a lot of beautiful office space for its professionals and workers. Next, Sam Boraie knew that he had to build beautiful residential units as well. He wanted new people to be motivated to come to live in New Brunswick.

Omar built a condo style apartment complex right in the middle of downtown New Brunswick. At first, people thought that he was insane. How could you build a fancy and modern apartment complex in a city that is in decline? However, Omar Boraie obviously knew what he was doing, because in less than two months, the entire thing was sold out. That is when people started taking Omar Boraie and Boraie Development seriously. They saw that what he was doing could lead to something. Check out to know more.

However, Omar is humble about it. He says that not all the credit can go to him. He says that the head of Johnson and Johnson, which set up shop in New Brunswick, has also done a lot for the development of the city.

Omar Boraie is now working on The Aspire. The Aspire is his latest project for New Brunswick. It has seventeen flours and it is designed as a luxury apartment complex. Omar Boraie says that it will bring a whole new demographic to New Brunswick. There are many people who are professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, who are interested in moving into New Brunswick.

Wasseem Boraie is Omar Boraie’s son, and he now leads Boraie Development. He agrees with his father. He says that they are now building the next generation of apartments in New Brunswick. The next generation of people is moving in, thanks to the high quality apartments that Boraie Development is working on. Wasseem says that for forty years, they have been working on improving the quality of life in New Brunswick and attracting new people with the new apartments that they are building. So far, they have succeeded. New businesses are also opening up to serve all the people who are moving in, and the city is flourishing.

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