Desiree Perez’s Contribution to Roc Nation

In the passed decade, women have taken the music industry by storm. Previously, women were typically behind a microphone performing, but now women are some of the most powerful executives in the music industry. Sylvia Rhone is the President of Epic Records, Brenda Romano is the President of promotion for Interscope Geffin, Hildi Snodgrass is the CFO of Warner Bros. Records and Desiree Perez is the COO of Roc Nation.

Chances are you have heard of most of those record labels, but if you aren’t a longtime fan of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, you probably haven’t heard of Roc Nation. Roc Nation was founded in 2008 by Jay-Z as a replacement for his defunct Roc-A-Fella records. When Jay-Z was looking for someone to see the day-to-day operations of his label through, he chose Desiree Perez.

Perez is known as a tough negotiator, making her an excellent choice for COO. One of Perez’s most recent accomplishment was a deal reached with Sprint to invest almost a quarter billion dollars into Roc Nation’s music streaming service, Tidal. With the deal she arranged with Sprint, Sprint was able to offer Jay-Z’s album, “4:44” as a free download to its customers. The deal resulted in “4:44” selling a million copies before the album was officially released.

Jay-Z is not the only artist that Perez has assisted. She is responsible for Rhianna’s Samsung deal and Beyonce’s formation stadium.

Perez, who is considered by many to be a private person, uses her Instagram page as a way to promote the artists on her label rather than herself. On her Instagram, you will see pictures of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Big Sean, and others who are affiliated with Roc Nation. Rather than placing herself in the spotlight, she likes to remain behind the scenes making the important decisions.

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