The Passionate And Experienced CEO At The American Institute Of Architects

     Robert Ivy’s appointment to be CEO and vice president of the American Institute of Architects marked the beginning of his popularity and growth in the industry. He began serving in the position from February 2011 after being a dedicated member of the institute from the early 90s. Ivy’s commitment and vigor in advocating for the architectural profession attributed to his gradual growth. Despite economic strains and rebounds in the industry, Ivy has been constant in championing for growth and development of his profession by addressing issues in political, environmental, and social environments.

Since 1996, Robert Ivy has served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Besides, he is in charge of construction and design publications quality and overall management at McGraw-Hill Constructions as the director and vice president of the company. Before venturing into executive positions in the industry, Ivy managed his private firm, Ivy Architects. At the same time, he was a co-founder and manager at Dean/Dale. Ivy’s position in the industry gradually grew to his recognition as an influential professional in the architectural profession. Extensive experience and successful business activities attributed to his popularity and appointment as AIA’s CEO.

The American Institute of Architects is a renowned organization responsible for licensing of professionals in architecture and the construction industry at large. Ivy existed as a fellow of the AIA for a couple of years before his appointment to the executive position. Despite his previous achievement and self-built reputation in the design and construction industry, the appointment as vice president and CEO of AIA was a milestone in his career. The 2009 Crane Award and 2010 recognition by Alpha Rho Chi are some of Ivy’s achievements before his appointment at the premier architectural institute.

At the time of his appointment, the American Institute of Architects had over 200 employees at its headquarters in Washington, DC. As the institute’s vice president, Ivy responsibilities include management of the organization’s budget that stands at $56 million annually. Besides, he is expected to collaborate with nation-wide chapters as well as overseas extensions in focusing the organization’s practices on design.

AIA is responsible for enlightening of the public on the value of design and overall importance of architecture. It is also the voice of reason in the design and construction industry that its members look upon not only for resources but also business and corporate decisions.

Robert Ivy was appointed after a unanimous agreement by the board of directors at AIA. According to George H. Miller, the 2010 AIA President, the board was thrilled to work with Ivy because of his impeccable leadership style, extensive experience, and incomparable passion. Ivy took over from Paul Welch who was serving as the Interim Chief Executive Officer/Vice President. Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s in Architecture.

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