Just What Are Plushies by Lime Crime?

Are you in search of a hot, new cosmetic product? Have you ever heard of LimeCrime cosmetics? If you’ve answered yes to either of the questions, then you’re definitely in luck because Lime Crime has a new solution. The solution to your issues can be solved by using the hottest new product that’s known as Plushies. Plushies has been under wraps for quite some time, especially in 2017. Lime Crime has acted as if the company was under some kind of gag order by not answering any questions. In other words, this actually helps to build the anticipation. On the other hand, Plushies has been top secret in a sense, but this product was just launched on January 11, 2017.

Having a natural look is a wonderful route to take. There is no glitz and glamour here, just a timeless type of beauty. This is why Plushies was actually designed, and it actually delivers on its promises. What is Plushies? To simply state it, this new product is actually a lip tint. In other words, it’s a soft focus lip veil. Yes, the cosmetics industry can be very vague with its words of choice at times, but Plushies will give your lips a subtle shade of coverage. This is a great option for those who want to shake things up. Since the company has already built its brand through dazzlingly bright colors, Plushies softer hues are a great compliment to the situation.

What colors are there to choose from? Lime Crime’s Plushies come in various tones that includes butterscotch (sheer golden brown), rosebud (sheer nude pink), jam (deep red), smokey (sheer gray), milk tea (sheer mauve), blackberry, grape jelly, gum drop (sheer berry) and numerous others. What more is there to ask?

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