Sussex Healthcare Provides Unmatched Healthcare Services For Older Patients

Sussex is a healthcare group that offers different healthcare services with special focus on elderly patients. Sussex is highly praised for offering quality services, and caring for the needs of patients. The organization’s commitment to quality service delivery extends beyond profit maximization and reaching more patients. Employees are passionate and dedicated to meeting the needs of every client across all their establishments.

Services provided by Sussex Healthcare are unique, customer oriented and affordable. It provides special care for chronic illnesses or conditions like autism, learning disorders, and pain injuries. Sussex was founded in 1985, and is based in the United Kingdom. The company has set up operations in different areas across the country to improve accessibility of their services.


The mission of Sussex Healthcare is to provide quality services with a personal touch. The company aims at leaving a long-lasting impact on the life patients that seek their services. Sussex thrives on not only providing quality and customized services. It is also dedicated to ensuring that everyone using their services feels at home. They do this by conducting training sessions for employees to ensure they are well-equipped to meet customers’ expectations. This is aimed at improving job satisfaction and motivating their employees. Satisfied workers transfer positive energy to clients. Sussex values and takes care of its employees to enable them to do their job effectively.


Sussex Healthcare is acknowledged for blazing a trail in the healthcare industry in the UK. For several decades, the quality of services had plummeted significantly. When Sussex raised the standards, other healthcare facilities felt the need to improve on their service delivery. One such service whose quality Sussex improved is audiology; a fete achieved through collaboration. Audiology network works with the organization to offer quality care using the audiology treatment options. Audiology services offered by the organization have improved operations and patients receive better services. It has also set high standards for the sector, thereby giving customers value for money.

What Patients’ Say

The founding of Sussex Healthcare marked a new era in the healthcare industry. Sussex has transformed the industry by offering personalized care to the elderly. The organization runs nursing homes and residential care. The company has offices in various parts of UK, and t, which enables customers from different parts of the country to use their services. Patients are pleased with services offered by Sussex Healthcare, and urge other healthcare facilities to follow suit.

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