Month: December 2017

Rodrigo Terpins Uses His Career to Make an Influence

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Rodrigo Terpins knows what it takes to reach a very difficult goal. He knows there are different things he can use to make his racecar driving better and that’s part of what has allowed him to be as successful as what he is in different situations. There are different ways he can work to make…

Bob Reina, Founder of Talk Fusion Sets The Record About The Years Achievements

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In an interview with Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, he goes on record about how WebRTC is blowing up and what changes it is expected to bring in the years coming. For those people who do not know what WebRTC is, it simply means real time communications. The technology has taken over most…

Clay Siegall, A Pioneer in Targeted Cancer Therapies

Posted by in Drug Development

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall knows that the work he and his firm do can literally save lives. He leads a biotech firm that works tirelessly to improve the mortality rates in diseases that have not seen any improvement in literally years. What makes Siegall and his firm tick? In order…

The Values and Leadership of the American Institute of Architects

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     The American Institute of Architects is an organization that provides education, mentorship and guidance to a number of architects in the field. It was established in the latter half of the 19th century and has experienced steady growth throughout its history. Today the organization has over 90,000 members and over 260 chapters worldwide. With…

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