Rocketship Education – Striving to Bring Equality in the Society

Rocketship is a group of non-profit public elementary charter schools that was established in 2006. It serves communities that cannot gain access to excellent schools due to low income. It aims at breaching the gap of achievement by developing a scalable and sustainable school model across the country to enable students of communities that are not prosperous to gain success. They work closely with parents, districts, organizations in the society and other charter schools to ensure they become successful in eliminating the gap.

Their approach to teaching is teacher-guided and supported by technology. They customize learning to furnish every student with the right content at the right time through the right way. They engage parents broadly in the learning of their children and school community to ensure they become lifelong advocates for their children and their community.

They believe that every person has a potential if given a chance and the right environment. They take it as their responsibility to bring out the potential in every person they serve. Their culture and mission to bring change in the future of low-income communities countrywide is not only fast-paced but also very data-driven and concentrates on achieving excellence for students and families at every point in life.

They have a lot of resources which facilitates in accomplishing their mission. These resources include poster printers, operations assistance and much more. In addition to that, their employees are passionate and very committed to what they do which also plays a significant role in ensuring they succeed. Everyone is here for the kids. They believe that all children can and will accomplish and they are dedicated to seeing that it becomes a reality.

Rocketship comprehends that to achieve their mission, they must support their workers. Their employees enjoy good salaries, work with flexible schedules, treated with holidays and many more. If you are not experienced in teaching, you do not have to worry about it. Rocketship can guide along the way. Managers has several roles to play over you. They are the bosses and coaches too. They give guidelines that you should follow in order to become a good educator.

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