The Different Problems in the Fashion Industry and the Fabletics Solution

People who are very fashion forward or focused on fashion in other ways know that there are plenty of issues in the industry. One of the major issues in the industry is cost. This is a major factor in that many of the best looking pieces of fashion are priced way out of affordable range. Many women often have to just settle for admiring the clothes from a distance. If they are lucky, then they can get this item off of second hand stores depending on the price of the item that it is sold at.


Another major issue with fashion is in sizing. A lot of fashion retailers are selling exclusively clothes that are too small for the majority of women in the market. The largest size in many fashion stores are too small for the average sized woman. This is a very big issue in the world of fashion, especially if men can easily find clothes even as they get into the above average sizes. A man would have to be extremely big or tall to have to shop in the big and tall sections. Women have to go to the plus sized sections which are rare.


The rest of the issues range from the quality of the fabrics to the pollution and ethical issues of fashion companies. It is not a rarity for someone to buy clothing at any price and have it fall apart on them within a short time of getting it. This often defeats the purpose for many people. Fortunately, all of these issues in the fashion industry and more are addressed by Kate Hudson with the fashion retailer known as Fabletics. One thing that can be said about Fabletics is that it styles people and make them feel proud and noble for wearing clothes from this company.


Fabletics is very innovative in not only the ways that it provides products but also in the way it markets the products. There is more community interaction in the marketing. Customers are encouraged to leave their reviews as well as provide feedback to the company so that they can make adjustments in ways that will improve the relationship with customers. After all, a wise entrepreneur understands that the best way to be successful among customers is to give them what they want. Meanwhile, it is also good to push for progress and innovation in any given industry.

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