A Look into How Omar Boraie Changed New Brunswick

Omar Boraie, the head of Boraie Development LLC is a visionary man determined to shape New Brunswick the same way as he saw in Europe when he was traveling from Egypt as a scholar. He is an immigrant from Egypt and went to New Brunswick to pursue a PH.D. in Chemistry. It is here that he found the inspiration of indulging in the real estate industry.

He has seen the outstanding potential in New Brunswick for 40 years where he has continuously invested in the real estate market with his recent investment being a deluxe luxury high-rise residential. The Aspire residential in the center of the City marks his first significant project in town. His primary goal is attracting quality tenants.

Sam Boraie says New Brunswick was in bad shape back in 1972. The streets were deserted after working hours and Omar decided to do something to change it. Omar was determined to change useless and unworthy things to something useful. His first project was a block with 21 vacant crumbling buildings. He opened Albany Street Plaza Tower one by 1988 offering top class offices to the residents. He later built a second one, Tower Two besides the first one.

In a report by Rutgers, with time, he realized the city was in need of some quality residential facilities. He came up with the idea of putting up a high rise building complex similar to the city of New York. He decided to construct a 25 story structure with a total of 121 units loaded with various facilities like office space, parking, and retail shops. It was the tallest building in the city. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

He has also ventured in luxury developments where he has built Aspire Apartments to house professionals who work in New Brunswick like police, lawyers, and doctors among others. The design of the apartments suited younger trendy tenants seeking style and comfort. They are well situated with plenty of restaurants, nightlife and entertainment facilities being easily accessible.

He founded Boraie Development LLC in 1986, a company that is dedicated to taking up plots and buildings that are not well used and turning them into useful properties that offer enough housing and office space. The company works with reputable financial institutions, visionary architects and time conscious contractors for successful completion of projects that they undertake. This company develops office building and Condos in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Newark. The Aspire Apartments, one of the best apartments in the New Brunswick area, is a product of this company.

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