Moving into its next decade, ROC NATION’s desires rest with Desiree Perez

In its short existence ROC Nation (founded in 2008 by entertainer Jay-Z) has skyrocketed into the world’s preeminent entertainment company as noted by its website. Spanning all areas of the entertainment industry, ROC Nation’s list of clients includes the names of those on the cutting edge of performers from recording artists, producers, songwriters and has moved into the realm of athletes as well.

While the names of those of those that ROC Nation serve (Rihanna, Shakira, Kevin Durant, Dez Bryant)are well known to the public, the name behind the names may not be – that name is Desiree (Dez) Perez. But to those that know the industry Dez Perez IS well known. A 22 year industry veteran, she is the engine that has not only moved Jay-Z’z career interests forward, but his business interest ROC Nation forward as well.

Dez Perez and her husband Juan Perez have a strong and influential presence in the music and entertainment industry. In an industry that can be tough and unforgiving, Desiree has not only shown a resilience (as noted 22 years industry experience), she has also negotiated some of the biggest deals on ROC Nation’s portfolio. A reflection of her ability to handle the pressures of high-stake negotiations while exuding a character that is enthusiastically confident and straight forward. With Dez Perez you know who you are dealing with whether posing with her in front of the camera or talking multi-million dollar deals in the backroom. Dez Perez is continuing to lead in this industry and many are enjoying the fruits of her labor.


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