Passion and Commitment in Philanthropy with Adam Milstein

There is nothing that is noble like deciding to give back to the society. Philanthropy work is for the chosen few. It involves investing your resources and time in helping other people. This is, therefore, a special call that requires endurance. Adam Milstein is among the greatest Jewish Philanthropists.

In 2016, the Telegraphic Association appeared on the list of “The 25 Most Influential People on Jewish Twitter”. Milstein is known as the most hardworking humanitarian in the Jewish World.In addition, he has made everything about the Jewish Culture his responsibility.

Milstein wants to ensure that the people embrace the Jewish Culture. He has also established partnerships with multiple colleges, some of which are very hostile. The objective of this mab is to ensure the culture is passed from one generation to another.

He has joined forces with a variety of Jewish Non-Profit Organizations that share his dream. This is an attempt to get fully acquainted with the Jewish Culture.

In 2015, with the assistance of Adelson and HaimSaban, he held the first annual Campus Maccabees Summit. The goal of the meeting was uniting the pro-Israel student society against anti-Semitic hate groups.

Involvement in this Philanthropic activity has not been a walk in the park. However, He believes that his work will be a legacy that will live long after he’s gone.

Milstein’s parents are impressed with his work and are part of the philanthropy work. His mother grew up in Morocco, and his father grew up in Argentina. His parents migrated to Israel in 1948, which was slightly after the Diaspora was formed. Diaspora spreads the Jewish People globally. His parents had a deep connection and affection towards the Jewish Homeland and intrigued by the Jewish pride. This must be where their son drew the compassionate heart and inspiration that has kept him going. To know more about him click here.

Philanthropy is noble and everyone who practices it is noble. Milstein’s great work will forever be remembered. Culture is important. It is important to understand our roots to give us a deeper understanding of who we are and our role in making society better.


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