Adam Milstein – Premier Philanthropist of 2017

Throughout the Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation Grants are distributed to several organizations. This includes groups on campuses which fortify their fiery passion for advocacy. They dedicate resources to teaching students to fight against hate groups through rallies and protests, they encourage free speech, and increase awareness of intolerance. Adam Milstein also operates fellowship programs aimed at helping students network. This increases cohesion among the Jewish community at large. It’s been a pillar of hope. They’ve held rallies to encourage Israel’s legitimacy, which is jeopardized by the BDS movement’s recognition (a movement which Adam Milstein staunchly opposes).

Adam is very sensitive to the struggles that his parents, ancestors, and Jews have experienced throughout history; the mistreatment faced before the State of Israel’s constitution. Adam Milstein champions works to strengthen the connection between Israel and the USA and Israel.

Adam Milstein has worked with Sheldon and Haim Saban Adelson in 2015. Many student groups that are Jewish are supported by all three philanthropists. Adam Milstein and friends Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson collaborated to conceive the Campus Maccabees Summit. The event brought together student organizations that were pro-Israel. They trained them in activism against antisemitism on college campuses — and to fight hate groups that spread lies about the state (Israel).

Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Adam functions as a Nexus point to build synergies between pro-Israel and Jewish organizations. The Foundation supports a broad assortment of programs aimed at helping individuals engage in the fight against anti-Semitism, in advocacy, and activism. Adam Milstein has also dedicated many resources to support education and healthcare organizations within the Jewish community. His efforts as a philanthropist are not to be forgotten. He has stood as a leader for an entire people in a time when great leaders are needed. His work inspires others and benefits even more communities than those directly touched. Adam Milstein is a living example of what conscious success looks like in 2017.

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