Robert Ivy: A Notable Authority In The Field Of Architecture

Robert A. Ivy, is the current chief executive officer of AIA (American Institute of Architects). After assuming the role of manager in the company, Ivy launched two crucial investigations into the impact of architects in the society and the future of architecture. Ivy has been numerously acknowledged for his passion and commitment to architectural research and publications. Since the start of his career, Ivy has made an impact in all the companies he has worked for and he has significantly contributed to the architectural industry. Here is a look at Ivy’s professional background and some of his achievements.

Ivy’s Professional Background

Ivy received his Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee: “The University of the South”. He studied English in this institution. Ivy also has a Masters of Architecture which he acquired from the Tulane University.

Between 1981 and 1996, Ivy served as the principal of Dean & Ivy, Dean/Dale, and many other national publications. In 1996, Ivy was the editor in chief at “Architectural Record”, a company he helped become one of the world’s widely read architectural resources. Under his tenure, Architectural Record received numerous publishing honors including the “Premier Magazine Journalism Award” and the “National Magazine Award for General Excellence” by the American Society of Magazine Editors. He moved on to McGraw-Hill Construction Media where he became the editorial director and vice president.

Ivy also served as a juror on a panel that chose architect Frank Gehry as the designer of the “National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

Ivy’s Achievements

In 2009, Ivy earned the G.D. Crain Award. This recognition was given for his lifetime commitment to editorial excellence in business media. The following year, a national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, acknowledged Ivy as a “Master Architect“. Ivy serves in a mentoring and honorary role with alumni and students due to his contributions to emphasizing the importance of design within the fraternity and to the world. Ivy has made numerous keynote speeches in the U.S. and also at international events and has also interviewed a couple of renowned authorities in architecture. Ivy’s book, “Fay Jones: Architect”, has been cited and commended for its high standards of design, production, and scholarship.

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